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Introducing Janus 5.1

Janus 5.1 is one of the three best astrology programs in the world. In terms of the quality / price ratio this program is undoubtedly unbeatable.

JANUS 5.1 - PROFESSIONAL ASTROLOGY SOFTWARE Luís Resina - Official Distributor for Europe and South America (

This is undoubtedly one of the most complete programs of astrology in the international plane. Suitable for both novice and discerning students and astrologers. The menus are rich and varied, including Astro-cartography modules, Traditional Astrology, Elective and Time Astrology, Calendar, Synastry, Transit and Progression charts, reports with native map interpretations, progressions, transits, directions and synastry. There is also an extensive module of Primary Directions based on Ptolemy and Regiomontanus, the menu is for specialists and diversified, but this is the most complete Primary Directions module of the current programs on the market. The value of the program ordered through this site receives a 10% discount on the total value of the product advertised on the official website of Janus - Contacts and orders: Luis Resina Website:

Now you can watch videos with a tutorial to see how the program works, the presentation is made by the astrologer - Luís Resina (Portugal)

Watch on Youtube:

Part I:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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